Publication Date 24th, May, 1998

ISBN 0-9534257-0-3

Cost €12.00

Goethe’s Urfaust is an unrecognized masterpiece. Brecht’s intense interest in it is a testament to its enduring theatrical fascination. The great director’s disrespectful treatment of the play brought it to life for his contemporary audiences. But not for long. GDR officialdom closed down both of Brecht’s productions of the play in 1952 and 1953.

This new version by Dan Farrelly is written for performance. It was inspired by his reading of Bernd Mahl’s work on Brecht’s Urfaustproductions and was developed in theatre workshops at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and at NUI Dublin Drama Studies Centre. It was prepared for the Goethe Anniversary Year 1999.

‘Urfaust is a kind of well-spring for German theatre… The love-story is the most daring and the most profound in German dramatic literature.’  Brecht

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