The Theatre of Martin McDonagh: ‘A World of Savage Stories’

Edited by : Lilian Chambers and Eamonn Jordan

Publication Date 1st, May, 2006

ISBN 1-904505-19-8

Cost €35.00

The book is a vital response to the many challenges set by McDonagh for those involved in the production and reception of his work. Critics and commentators from around the world offer a diverse range of often provocative approaches. What is not surprising is the focus and commitment of the engagement, given the controversial and stimulating nature of the work.

Contributors: Aidan Arrowsmith, Michael Billington, Ben Brantley, Patrick Burke, Lilian Chambers, Susannah Clap, Susan Conley, Laura G. Eldred, Lisa Fitzpatrick, Karen Fricker, Nicholas Grene, Werner Huber, Eamonn Jordan, Sara Keating, Declan Kiberd, Maria Kurdi, Patrick Lonergan, Mary Luckhurst, Uinsionn MacDubhghaill, John McDonagh, Victor Merriman, Frank Molloy, Peter P. Molloy, Paul Murphy, Christopher Murray, Finatan O’Toole, Ondrej Pilny, Shaun Richards, Catherine Rees, Ashley Taggart, Rebecca Wilson, Karen Vandevelde

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