The Story of Barabbas: The Company by Carmen Szabo

Edited by : Carmen Szabo

Publication Date 12th, July, 2012

ISBN 978-1-904505-59-4

Cost €30.00

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike for their highly innovative, adventurous and entertaining theatre, Barabbas Theatre Company have created playful, intelligent and dynamic productions for over 16 years. Breaking the mould of Irish theatrical tradition and moving away from a text dominated theatre, Barabbas Theatre Company’s productions have established an instantly recognizable performance style influenced by the theatre of clown, circus, mime, puppetry, object manipulation and commedia dell’arte.


This is the story of a unique company within the framework of Irish theatre, discussing the influences that shape their performances and establish their position within the history and development of contemporary Irish theatre. This book addresses the overwhelming necessity to reconsider Irish theatre history and to explore, in a language accessible to a wide range of readers, the issues of physicality and movement based theatre in Ireland.

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