Seen and Heard Six new plays by Irish Women.

Edited by : Cathy Leeney

Publication Date 16th, May, 2001

ISBN 0-9534-2573-8

Cost €20.00

These plays make a rich, funny, moving and theatrically exhilarating collection of plays by  (list the authors here).  In a diversity of stories, styles and settings they re-define the limits of Irish Theatre for the new century.  These plays create an Irish Theatre looking out to the world around it, re-investing our sense of the past, our connections with others and our unsettled present. They have all been seen, heard, and acclaimed by Irish and British audiences in recent years. Now coming to you in print, some bearing major awards.

A rich and funny, moving and theatrically exciting collection of plays by Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy, Síofra Campbell, Emma Donoghue, Anne Le Marquand Hartigan, Michelle Read and Dolores Walshe.