Playboys of the Western World – Production Histories

Edited by : Adrian Frazier

Publication Date 1st, September, 2004

ISBN 1-904505-06-6

Cost €25.00

‘The book is remarkably well-focused: half is a series of production histories of Playboy performances through the twentieth century in the UK, Northern Ireland, the USA, and Ireland. The remainder focuses on one contemporary performance, that of Druid Theatre, as directed by Garry Hynes. The various contemporary social issues that are addressed in relation to Synge’s play and this performance of it give the volume an additional interest: it shows how the arts matter.’ – Kevin Barry


Contributors: Ophelia Byrne, Leila Doolan, Adrian Frazier, Nicholas Grene, John P. Harrington, Garry Hynes, Mary C. King, Bill (W.J.) McCormack, Lionel Pilkington, Paige Reynolds

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