No More Drama

Edited by : Willie White and Peter Crawley

Publication Date 11th, November, 2011

ISBN 978-1-872493-33-6

Cost €15.00

Carysfort Press in association with the Project Arts Centre is pleased to announce the launch of No More Drama, a new publication edited by Peter Crawley and former Artistic Director of Project Arts Centre Willie White.

Something different is happening in contemporary theatre. Across the world the artform is changing; sometimes radically, sometimes discreetly, but quite perceptibly. When actors do not present us with characters, when the boundaries of the theatre space loosen and spill performance into the world around us, when the play is certainly no longer the thing, how do we talk about our theatre?

No More Drama aims to take the chill off the terms postdramatic, documentary and avant-garde. A collection of descriptive and illuminating essays on the work of international artists such as Pan Pan Theatre Company, Rimini Protokoll, Lola Arias, Philippe Quesne, Richard Maxwell, Elevator Repair Service, Nature Theater Oklahoma, Quarantine, Krétakör and others, it is about how theatre is making meaning of the world – without making a drama about it.


Contributors: Peter Crawley, Francisco Frazão, Sarah Gorman, Chantal Hurault, Christiane Kühl, Sodja Zupanc;  Lotker, Denise Luccioni, Florian Malzacher, Noelia Ruiz,  Cecilia Sosa, Quarantine, Jacob Wren