East of Eden: New Romanian Plays

Edited by : Edited by Andrei Marinescu

Publication Date 24th, July, 2005

ISBN 1-904505-15-5

Cost €15.00

This anthology is the outcome of several years of collaboration between theatre people in Ireland and Romania. It features four contemporary works by four of the most promising young Romanian writers identfied with the new wave. They have been translated by Andrei Marinescu and adapted for an English-speaking audience by four well-known Irish playwrights.




Bones for Otto by Lia Bugnar
Adapted by Michael Collins

Insomniacs: The Far Side of the Accordion by Mimi Branescu
Adapted by Christian O’Reilly

Our Father Who Art in the Supermarket by Petr Barbu
Adapted by Paul Meade

Stop the Tempo! by Gianni Carbunariu
Adapted by Paul Meade


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