Breaking Boundaries: An Anthology of Original Plays from The Focus Theatre

Edited by : Steven Dedalus Burch

Publication Date 1st, October, 2013

ISBN 978-1-909325-42-5

Cost €25.00

Of the seven plays in this anthology,  all exhibit a range in styles from Lewis Carroll’s fantastical world (Alice in Wonderland by Mary Elizabeth Burke-Kennedy), to a couple on the brink of a philandering weekend disaster (The Day of the Mayfly by Declan Burke-Kennedy), to a one-man show about Jonathan Swift with several characters all played by the same actor (Talking Through His Hat by Michael Harding); an examination of two shoplifting thieves and the would-be writer who gets in their way (Pinching for My Soul by Elizabeth Moynihan), a battle royal between two sides of a world-famous painter (Francis & Frances by Brian McAvera), the reactions of multiple New Yorkers to that moment on September 11, 2001 when their world was changed forever (New York Monologues by Mike Poblete), to the final days of an iconic movie star Hollywood Valhallaby Aidan Harney.

 Each of these scripts is followed by short notes from the playwright, a memory of the production and in some cases its aims by its author. As will become quite clear, there is no single FOCUS play, no play which perfectly captures the spirit, the aesthetic aims, the physical abilities of this continually surprising fifty-year old company.