Across the Boundaries: Talking about Thomas Kilroy

Edited by : Guy Woodward

Publication Date 31st, October, 2014

ISBN 978-1-909325-51-7

Cost €25.00

Thomas Kilroy’s long and distinguished career is celebrated in this volume by new essays, panel discussions and an interview, reconsidering the work of one of Ireland’s most intellectually ambitious and technically imaginative playwrights. Contributors are drawn from both the academic and theatrical spheres, and include Nicholas Grene, Wayne Jordan, Patrick Mason, Christopher Murray and Lynne Parker.


This volume follows Kilroy’s own practice of connecting the creative and the critical, and publishes for the first time an extract from his play ‘Blake’. Illustrated with photographs from major productions, this book also reproduces previously unseen materials from the Thomas Kilroy Collection held in the James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway.


One of the great challenges of all Kilroy’s plays is posed by the extraordinary layers within them … I suppose he remains one of the most challenging playwrights in the Irish canon to work with because he is working on all these levels. 


Patrick Mason, Director

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