Who Telleth a Tale of Unspeaking Death?

Edited by : Wolfgang Marx

Publication Date 27th, April, 2017

ISBN 9781909325586

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“This thought-provoking volume of essays, wide-ranging in scope and interdisciplinary in its approach, engages with questions surrounding the many meanings ascribed to death and the memorialisation of the dead. In its eight essays, it traverses whole thought-continents: from those who muse that “death has happened since the beginning of time; it is not to upset you today” to the stark presentation of a reality which erodes the human face and thus a person’s individuality. What clearly emerges are the many respects in which death itself has been and, indeed, remains, contested ground (both literally and metaphorically). This collection is an important contribution to the ever-expanding field of studies on Death and Dying.”

– Salvador Ryan
– ed., Death and the Irish: a Miscellany (Dublin: Wordwell Books, 2016)